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ST. THOMAS MORE FB Gold Card sale:


Blitz: 8/9: 12-2:45 pm

End Date: 8/25


Goal: Every player is to sell a minimum of 20-25 Gold cards

Needs: Head Sets, Sled, and Player Equipment


Hello CAVALIERS! In order to achieve our goals, we need each player to sell at least 20 Gold cards. The Gold cards sell for $20 and have merchants that offer various discounts that are good over and over again for a year.  For example Sudz has a $10 OFF an oil change on back. There are many other great deals as well from places like Yo Fresh, Famous Dave’s, McDonald’s, Cousins, Papa Murphy’s, Azteca, and many others.


In addition there are nine key tags that are attached that offer some extra additional savings.   Sendik’s has 2 uses that get $15 back in 2 trips.  There are also great deals from Coaches, Papa Luigi’s, Magoo’s, Mulligans, Mike La Susa’s, Chili’s, and Beer Belly’s. Gametime Depot has an offer of $15-$70 OFF UA and other apparel.  These deals alone pay for the card. 


The blitz will be August 9th between practices.  At that time we will go out and sell cards in the community.  After a few hours of selling, you will come back, turn in what you have sold.  We hope to get most of the sales done in the first few days so we can order the Head Sets for the new season.  Make sure when you talk with people that you let them know this is a fundraiser for the Saint Thomas More Football Program


We will end the sale on August 25th.  At this time everything needs to be turned in if you want to receive all the prizes.  We are counting on everyone to do their part.



Sell 10:  Free card for every 10 sold (2 at 20, 3 at 30,..)

Sell 20: Get your spirit pack reimbursed!


Sell 25:  Get a 1/4 zip personalized Thomas More Pullover

Top Seller:  Gets $1 per card sold (minimum 30)


Get out of WORKOUT:  If you have 20 cards sold by end of blitz, get a pass to get out of a workout!


Top Team: The top team (based on average) will go to Papa Luigi’s


$500 Gift Card Draw:  Anyone who sells 50 cards will get name in drawing for $500 Gift Card of choice.

For every 10 more you sell, gets  your entered again (Sell 60 name in twice, 70- 3 times…).  You will be in the drawing with  other players from other teams this fall. Based on the number  of entries, there could be other amounts offered.

Click here for PreSale forms: PreSale Forms



Checks made payable to: Thomas More Athletic Association